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"Finding Tomorrow's Big Winners in the Lucrative Biotech Sector of the Market"

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The Biotech Forum Investment Service
The biotech sector has consistently outperformed the overall stock market over the past half-decade. An increase in the amount of healthcare spending allocated to drugs, exiting new areas of drug development and robust M&A activity levels have produced stellar performance from the biotech sector. The Biotech Forum offers compelling research for stock market investing in this lucrative sector.

When it comes to investing in biotech, I believe it is important to be diversified across this volatile and speculative area of the market. 
This speculative space should be balanced. Part of my investing strategy includes:
  • Take small stakes in a variety of promising but speculative concerns.
  • Balance portfolio with heavily weighted large-cap growth names with long-term earnings.
“Strike-outs” are inevitable as drug discovery is a complex endeavor and most trials end in failure, however, just a couple of “grand slams” should lead to outstanding overall performance in your portfolio over time.

A diversified portfolio with more heavily weighted large-cap growth names with long-term earnings visibility selling at reasonable valuations like Gilead Sciences (GILD) and Celgene (CELG), a couple winners that have returned profits within my diversified portfolio. 

It is this well-thought-out investing strategy that even with an acceptable amount of volatility has led to exceptional overall performance. I have personally benefitted from this strong performance in the biotech sector. My analysis of these hot biotech stocks over the past few years has resulted in substantial growth and created profits in my own portfolio. 

The Biotech Forum maintains a portfolio of 15 attractive small cap biotech stocks and five more heavily weighted large cap concerns creating a balanced portfolio geared to provide outstanding performance over time.

The Biotech Forum has delivered substantial outperformance compared to its benchmark and is highly ranked by our subscribers.
Bret Jensen

Dynavax: Victory Is Ours! Now What?

Congrats to all fellow shareholders of Dynavax Technologies (DVAX). Your patience and courage are about to get rewarded as the Ad Comm Panel voted 12-1 to recommend approval of Heplisav-B after the bell on Friday. The approximate five year journey to get this vaccine across the finish line looks ready to come to a happy conclusion come the August 10th PDUFA date.
I love it...
"As a new Forum member who spent many years in the securities business, I have read Bret Jensen articles for some time. I was impressed with his knowledge, his openness, and his straight forward opinions, so recently I decided to try his forum as a member. The forum is unlike any chat or open opinion sites I have used, and I have been in a number of chat sites over the years. Reason I would recommend it is because Bret does participate, and gives his opinion to all the members. All are there to get info, but many members have good knowledge about biotech and so important, they share info and YOU DO NOT HAVE PERSONAL ATTACKS OR BELITTLING OF EACH OTHER - JUST FOLKS TRYING TO HELP ALL MAKE GOOD INVESTMENT DECISIONS. The purpose is to inform, share info, and help all make money. While there can be different opinions, they are expressed in honest posts and just do not have the stupid or argumentative remarks found on many chats. This is biotech almost entirely, and Bret clearly states risks and sets the proper situation for his picks. If you are a Biotech investor, or want to be, I think you will find Bret's Forum and the people who are members very helpful and enjoyable. It is good for newcomers to biotech as well as experienced biotech investors.this Forum is an excellent source of factual info with a person who is knowledgeable and is willing to openly share his knowledge!! Glad I became a member, and have already benefited from it."
Need to join!
"I couldn't be happier with this service. I have been a member for over a year. First, the most important thing to many - I've made a lot of money over the past year based on Bret's recommendations. I am up 72% over the past year and I have been well diversified. At one point in May of this year, I had a dozen stocks that were up more than 50% and a handful over 100%. While the stock picks are important, the online chat community is really helpful. On a daily basis, Bret provides real time views of news that has been announced. On a number of occasions, I have either initiated positions, added or reduced and more often than not, it has turned out well. There are often nearly 100 individuals on the online chat. Many individuals offer good perspective and insight. When the market gets challenging and it always does, having a resource like Bret is invaluable. The cost of the product is a fraction of the benefits derived. I will be a member as long as Bret continues the service"

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